Hello my name is Zackeriah Christie.

I am 15 years old and I live in the Upstate South Carolina

Everyone is saying lets “Make America Great Again”,

(but mostly doing nothing about it.)

All the news was talking about protesters that do nothing but complain.

I wanted to show my support for the “Working Americans”, Who are busy actually working to:

“Make America Great Again”

How do we support them? By Buying US made products first!

Together with my parents help I launched a website and mobile app that helps each of us to do our part.

At BuyUSfirst.com you can search your favorite online stores (Amazon, Walmart, Ebay) for products “Made in USA”.

The results are pre-filtered to return products made in the USA.

Please consider visiting my site BuyUSfirst.com (and bookmarking it.)

or downloading my app at Google Play store or Apple app store.

Android devices Click here for app


We are not suggesting that to “Only” Buy US products, we are suggesting to BuyUSfirst when possible.

  • We have had many fantastic experiences with citizens from multiple countries.  Some have even contributed to the development of this site.  Most nations understand that the world is a better place when the USA has a healthy economy.  
  • We love and respect other countries, cultures, and people.
  • However for too long we have neglected our own American workers.
  • This site is just our effort to help give back.
  • We need to help support American workers as consumers.
  • Yes, we are american owned and operated.


Note: Our searches do not always produce products that are exclusively made in the USA. However we are continually refining our processes to improve the results produced.  Sometimes when no other option can be found results are returned with US owned companies. Please read product descriptions to insure product selected is Made In The USA.  If you find a product listed on our site that is not US made please feel free to report it to reportImport@learnandserve.org.   We will review and make any required corrections.