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When it gets to selling and buying transaction on WALLMRT, somebody needs to understand the fact that which product he or she should go for on WALMART.

Over 500 manufacturers were given an opportunity to pitch their products directly to the mega-store’s supply chain (WALMART). Everything from Gadgets, Foods, Natural Vegetables, Sleeping bags and socks, to TV wall mounts and trash bags were on display. The single uniting factor was that all of them were manufactured in the Unites States.

Earlier last year, WALMART’S effort is to promote American products, manufacturers, and suppliers. So far, it has not been easy for the world’s largest retailer: A recent Reuter’s article detailed some of the hurdles facing the company in its efforts to encourage domestic growth.

Out of a total of $405 billion in annual sales, WALMART representatives point to the banana, which is considered to be the cheapest food at the grocery store, as the top seller. On Black Friday, however, the consumer focus shifts. For example, in 2013, towels were the top-selling Black Friday item at WALMART, with 2.8 million towels and washcloth sets being sold. Other big-selling Black Friday items that year were televisions, tablets, dolls and bicycles

As a seller you may or might be asking yourself which product should I sell on this Platform named WALMART. Now these following questions:

Is my product is of Competitive Manufacturer?. That is, has it been sold by many manufacturer?

Is the product is Naturally or Artificially made?

Will the product would be delivered by Free Shipping or Not?

Which way would I use to promote my Product?

After you have understood and answered these aforementioned guided questions above, now go for the exact product you want to sell.

With all the researches I have made online on WALMART, Some of the BEST MADE IN USA PRODUCTS ON WALMART.COM. They are under-listed below.

NATURAL FRUITS (Such as; Banana, Orange, Pineapple)

BABY TOYS (Such as Baby-Walkers, Children-Bicycle)


Conclusive, WALMART held its first ever “MADE IN USA OPEN CALL EVENT” at its home offices, like; the one in Bentonville, Arkansas, early last week. According to WALMART’S PRESS RELEASE, the event marked the first time the retailer’s buyers and suppliers have been able to sit down together and work on generating interest in American-made goods.